Near Death Experiences
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Near Death Experiences
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    Near death experiences, or NDEs, are when a person’s physical body is dead (cardiopulmonary arrest) or extremely close to being dead, but the consciousness of the person continues to exist in what we today can only define as an occult, spiritual, or mystical framework.

    Here, we share experiences, insights, scientific research, and engage in thoughtful discussions about NDEs. Everyone is welcome, as long as they follow the guidelines.

    Community Guidelines

    1. Respect: Please respect all members and their experiences. Open-mindedness is key in our discussions.
    2. Relevance: Keep posts and discussions related to NDEs and associated topics.
    3. Safety: Do not promote dangerous or harmful practices. NDEs are a personal and often sensitive topic, and discussions should be handled with care.
    4. Learning: We’re all here to learn. Be open to asking questions, sharing insights, and engaging in thoughtful discussions.
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