Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena: Implications on National Security, Public Safety, and Government Transparency
I'll just include the important parts from the subreddit post: > The attached link will lead you directly to the House Oversight Committee's hearing page for the UAP hearing due at 10AM on July 26, 2023 - just under one week away. Link also below: > > > >The subject of the hearing is listed as 'Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena: Implications on National Security, Public Safety, and Government Transparency'. > >Linked on the page is the scheduled YouTube livestream link that is usual with House hearings. In case anyone runs into trouble accessing the government website, the direct link to the livestream is: > > > >To also note - previous hearings listed on the website show a list of witnesses brought forward during the hearing. This seems to only appear AFTER the hearing has concluded. Also attached, again after the hearing has concluded, is a document containing the statement made by each witness in the form of a PDF file. Each witness will have their own document, if provided, under their name (hyperlinked as Document for all) Examples of this can be seen by looking on the pages for already held hearings via the main hearings list via this link: > >

Read this story from Avi Loeb on Medium:

This wikipedia page has a good rundown of the events so far, for anyone who is catching up.

It's a bit of a joke. But still, with Jacques Vallee's theory in mind about the absurdity , and the mimicry, maybe there is something to it afterall 🤔

[PDF] New amendment regarding UAPs for this year’s NDAA
There's some good stuff in here. Thoughts? Only a couple pages, so quick read.

About this Community
I'm creating this community because there doesn't seem to be a place to talk about everything going on right now with Whistleblowers, and I think this is an important thing to be informed about. I'll try to post links to any news or information if I can, and I hope you will too.

Another interview with Ross Coulthart in a podcast I am not familiar with. He reports that some government departments are mobilizing for disclosure :)

I'm pretty skeptical about the whole Las Vegas thing, but if it were being covered up then this is probably what it would look like.

Had GPT summarize the video. ``` The video titled "Congress MUST Investigate UFO Whistleblower David Grusch's Claims: Marik Von Rennenkampff" discusses a recent bipartisan provision adopted by the Senate Intelligence Committee. This provision aims to halt funding for any secret government or contractor efforts to retrieve or reverse engineer craft of exotic or non-earth origin. The video features an interview with Marek Von Rennenkampff, an opinion contributor for The Hill, who suggests that this provision adds credibility to recent claims about the government's efforts to recover such crafts. The video also discusses comments made by Senator Marco Rubio, who suggested that whistleblower David Grusch is not the only one to come forward with this kind of information. This adds context to the bill, which encourages individuals with knowledge of these activities to disclose all relevant information. The conversation then turns to the increased discussion around UFOs following the David Grusch interview. Von Rennenkampff suggests that more whistleblowers with direct knowledge of UFO crafts and their operators may come forward. He also mentions that Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, along with Senator Rubio, is planning to hold an open hearing, potentially with whistleblower David Grusch. The video also addresses skepticism about the bill, with some suggesting that it could be a performative gesture given the Pentagon's history of failed audits and loose record-keeping. However, Von Rennenkampff argues that the former Inspector General of the entire intelligence community found the whistleblower's claims credible and urgent, which wouldn't happen if the Pentagon was merely trying to manipulate funding numbers. The interview concludes with a discussion on the bipartisan nature of this issue, with both former presidential candidates Senator Rubio and Senator Gillibrand taking a leading role. Despite not being widely reported in mainstream media, the issue has attracted the attention of several high-profile politicians from both parties. ```

This sighting took place on December 16, 2009 in Santiago, Chile.

Area 51 orbs
Several orbs can be seen. Heres the time stamps i could identify anomalous flight. `0:03` - halfway up the screen it flies right to left `0:05` - top right of the screen **2** orbs can be seen. The closer one does somewhere around a 180° turn! `0:06` - top left. If you slow it down you can see it make a *sharp* turn, in the shape of a "7" `:26`, `:46`, `:53`, and `:55` - top right corner `:48 - :51` - bottom right to left and back. Then from bottom right to top right `:57` - across the bottom, left to right `:57 - :59` - bottom right and up the right side. At the same time as the next one! `:58 - :59` - top right corner to left corner and back out the right again `1:02 - 1:07` - enters top left, and flies to the right side about halfway up the screen `1:10 - 1:11` - looks like there might be some in the bottom and right side? Hard to see as the blurry, but i see two at one point! `1:27` - about 1/3 up the screen from left to right `1:30 - 1:32` - bottom right

More News Nation bits. I only post this one because I find it interesting how the story LVMPD tells keeps changing.

EXCLUSIVE: Italian researcher shares extraordinary evidence files of world’s ‘first’ UFO crash - 14 years before Roswell
We should look back at every old claim with fresh eyes after everything thats come out. What do you all think?

This eases my fear that the materials would simply be whisked away during the 6 month timeframe provided by the proposed legislation.

I swear there was this website that collected and categorized all evidence about UAPs
I can't find it anymore. It claimed to be a serious place that collected and sorted all evidence related to UAPs. It also recommended the book "In Plain Sight - an investigation into UFOs and impossible science". It was a BIG website and (I think) had on the left side of the page a list of all topics it had info on. What was this site called?

What you would like to see happen VS what you think will happen
Regarding the UFO sessions being held in the US currently, what would you like to see happen, and what do you think will actually happen? Personally I'd like to see: -Any proof that conclusively shows that this isn't some kind of weird disinfo / smoke show by the US -Actual physical evidence of living or deceased aliens or their craft -Details of communication that has occurred (if any) I think we'll actually see: -Talk -Claims -Discussion

“We the human race are an alien experiment in a petri dish” - post from Reddit I wanted to share here since I go dark there tomorrow
I'm not the OP, and this was on Reddit so shoving it over here as that's dead to me after today. But thought it was an interesting read as someone who was raised in fundie religion. I have no real opinion, but it was a fun read so wanted to share it here as well. [link to the OPs post]( Ok, here ya go. Either have a brain meltdown or a laugh. Maybe both for a good time. ---------- Hello, Reddit, I Am An0nkn0wledge, The Independent Journalist Who Published #TheUFOFiles Hello, Reddit, I have not used an account over here since Aaron Swartz died one of the original ignored founders of Reddit and a friend of many of us within the Anonymous and Cypherpunks collectives. Swartz was instrumental in helping us fight back over the years on various different attempts at internet legislation including -ACTA, SOPA, PIPA, CISPA and other pushes to take away our internet freedom. After he died things just weren't the same and I deleted my account over here as I couldn't support Reddit's pseudo founders not mentioning Swartz both ethically and morally. I hope you will welcome me back and my work helps assist research efforts into this topic. My work on Europe's ACTA 2 along with pirates and other activists. []( Verified it's me if the flooding of information doesn't prove otherwise. []( **First a bit of background about me and who I am.** **My original Twitter account was censored after the whole Robert Mueller investigation into Alice Donovan who worked at We Are Change, where I worked in 2016. Mueller actually even accused me of helping Alice Donovan spread propaganda who he called a "Russian agent." If you read the documents he literally says a "useful idiot" helped Alice Donovan spread her articles. Funnily enough those articles were actually copy-pasted from other independent journalists writing on various topics that she did. Here's a starting point:** []( I am not going to get into the entire whole story on Alice, you can google "Aaron Kesel Alice Donovan" or "Alice Donovan useful idiot," or "Alice Donovan We Are Change." Have fun! You can verify that my account here is followed by We Are Change, Activist Post, and many other alternative media outlets and independent journalists. I also helped organize Unity4J for pushing protests and attention on imprisoned WikiLeaks journalist Julian Assange along with Kim Dotcom helping run the Unity4J Discord community where I was an admin. You can also verify by searching in Twitter's search using the argument string ";" - "An0nakn0wledge; Unity4J" with the @ signs, you will see tweets from that account about me being suspended and calls to reinstate. Kim is a friendly dude I have met him online a number of times including talking on Zoom. I have spoken to Kim here and there in DMs over the years and he follows me, but, we aren't friends par say. Although I did help broker a deal between the hackers Lizard Squad and Kim, when they were DDoSing Sony and Xbox servers on Christmas and Kim gave them X amount of []( lifetime accounts to get them to stop. Because they were obviously ruining Christmas for kids. Unity4J article: []( []( I am also one of the only few journalists to ever be banned from []( without explanation and several of my articles have been challenged by fact checkers including an article on COVID being a bio weapons leak, which, I wrote on [](, how is that one doing guys? Oh and Lead Stories spun an article I wrote, about "atmospheric explosion" into "OMG asteroid gonna hit Earth." That's not all, Snopes, directly attacked me as well. So I have a lofty career of "achievements," under my belt. Need more? I have been crucified by the media and I am on PropOrNot's list and Newsguard's lists, two companies, which, I tied to intelligence agencies. \*\*HIGH FIVE\*\* []( []( []( I am what Anonymous would call an "old f\*g" I have been involved in several past operations and originally came from 4chan and Chronology days when we were attacking the Church Of Scientology. Then I shifted into writing, research digging for information muckraking and journalism around 2016. After someone posted #TheUFOFiles I received and published years ago, I have been watching this thread and decided I needed to provide some public clarity and be as clear as I can with these. **Anyway, enough about my past involvement within Anonymous and my own journalism career, let me give a little bit more context about the files, that someone linked to here:** [\_leaked\_everything\_back\_in\_2015\_on\_mega/]( **These files were originally sent to me in 2014 via Protonmail with a claim that the person was involved with the Intelligence Community (IC), and released in 2014-2015. He did not disclose what branch or send me an ID to verify his claims. He just provided the largest archive, that, I have personally ever seen of UFO/UAP documents and videos some of which are questionable, and some extremely rare. Which, of the documents I did go through they were all public except for a few that I couldn't find or that were simply just dead linking. I also asked this individual several questions attempting to vet him as I normally do for other topics like the PROMIS series of articles I wrote here and the history of weather warfare here. But he only ever sent me two messages, the first was the files sent in email without any context and the second was a reply about being in the iC and compiling this over the past 30 years. After that he did not reply to any other messages I sent him and just blew me off.** PROMIS: []( []( []( Which I see many of you are seeing the Roselaw Firm is also involved in the UFO/UAP issue, good find! Documented Clinton's egregious history of losing documents all cited: []( Weather Warfare Geoengineering History and use: []( []( I have called out kinetic weapon use: []( Bio-warfare (prior to covid): []( I let the data provided in the articles do the speaking for me. Usually, if someone can provide me information that can be verified with another source and they don't disclose who they are. I will run with the data/claims they provide expressing it's from an anonymous whistle-blower. If they give me documents, I will make the documents public, and be transparent about how I received them. Transparency is extremely important especially with this topic. Seeing as this was way too large to have been faked and I saw documents in here that I have never seen anyone talk about and bring up. I made the files public. What's shocking to me is all of the former intelligence officials and NASA astronauts acknowledging UFOs/ETs in numerous interviews over the years. It's all truly fascinating and we live in amazing times! Like many of you I grew up with an overwhelming interest in this topic and I have seen a lot of documents over the years. It's worth noting as I saw some of you point out in the comments about documents having price tags. From my research some of these documents were obtained from private UFO conferences purchased. Those documents may be fake or may have been a way to get them out to the public while making a profit. What's of to note on David Grusch's revelations. We all know the aerospace companies have been keeping this secret for years. Hell Senator Harry Reid even called out Lockheed before he died saying they have UFO material fragments. There are several DARPA and aerospace company documents in this release that are noteworthy you may have noticed, which, hint at reverse engineering or advanced technology. []( Although I could not verify this specific whistle-blower. I have had numerous whistle-blowers over the years that I have verified who have sent me A LOT of information, not all pertaining to UFOs/UAPs. I focus on way more than just that and have written under different aliases but mostly using Aaron Kesel, about everything from - geoengineering of biological weapons (prior to covid,), the surveillance state, Julian Assange and WikiLeaks documents, to human trafficking, exposing Hollywood pedos, and Hue Hefner who ran Sugar and Spice. I leaked the "An Open Secret documentary," by Amy Berg, as well, and much more. Back to the topic of UFOs/UAPs, I have had other whistle-blowers who I have verified their credentials and claims, as much as humanly possible, come forward to me. In addition, I knew the niece of the CIA whistle-blower who came forward at the 2014, Citizens Hearing on Disclosure where he claimed Eisenhower had met with ETs. She introduced me to Dr. Steven Greer and we used to publicly discuss this topic on Twitter on and off on my old original Twitter account that had 35K followers. It was after publicly speaking to Greer on Twitter that I started getting messages from military and intelligence whistle-blowers that surround him and the "Disclosure Project." These folks began linking me to public news articles, newspaper clippings and declassified documents from our past, as, well as sending me videos of whistle-blowers claims including their own. We became friends. []( A lot of former intelligence community, celebrities and more followed that account before it got suspended. Here is a few of my old articles I wrote from the past which includes some of what I knew or was told about on the UFO/UAP topic. You don't have to believe me, I am not asking you to but what you can't deny is the data that is in the articles which is all cited. This article on the SSP was written with the help of a USAF whistle-blower who was involved in the Secret Space Program mining the moon, asteroids, comets etc for resources, no not by hand with the use of machinery. Really not that shocking of a claim to make. But just like Grusch he made it clear that we were weaponizing space and that concerned him. He never did claim to see or interact with extraterrestrials either. He only discussed advanced technology and linked me all the public evidence around there being a Secret Space Program and it was an overwhelming amount in my opinion. []( The same whistle-blower discussed electrogravitics, scientist Thomas Townsend Brown, Project Winterhaven and linked me a ton of information on the topic including telling me the infamous flying triangle was the TR-3B Astra/Aurora Project whistle-blown by Edgar Fouche years ago. He further said that Lockheed Martin's name inside Skunkworks for the craft was called the Lockheed Pulsar and that electrogravitics was used to charge the wings of the B-2 bomber and another craft. Electrogravitics isn't really anti-gravity it's using electricity creating a magnetic field that acts to propel gravity much like two magnets of the same polarity that fail to stick to each other and repel. []( Here's some more various articles on the UFO/UAP topic including famous sightings and document releases. []( []( []( I was told Disclosure was supposed to happen years ago by a US General. No I won't disclose who, my sources trust my confidence, and yes this person I was able to confirm and verify their identity. I was told disclosure was supposed to include exposing the illegal shadow government setup originally under the OSS, expanded under FDR, warned by Eisenhower that they were getting more power through military contractors and compartmentalization, and then fully established under President Ronald Reagan with Iran-Contra and the era of drugs and guns trade exposed by many including journalist Gary Webb. Here's a clip of Senator, Daniel Inyoue of Hawaii, discussing the shadowy government or as murdered journalist Danny Casolaro had called them at the time, The Octopus. "A shadowy government with it's own military and it's own fundraising mechanism free from the law itself." [\_channel=TheGlobalElite]( It looks like we might be getting disclosure. Although, I don't expect full - disclosure, more like as much as we have to say, because we are cornered. Many don't realize Congress has already been contacted by 6-8 whistle-blowers in April and Steven Greer is saying he brought 700+ whistle-blowers to Congress over the years as per his recent conference. Which given all the military and intelligence officials involved in the original Disclosure Project film, I believe it! HEADLINE in April before Grusch went public. ## EXCLUSIVE: Six whistleblowers who claim they worked on military UFO programs retrieving and analyzing crash material have come forward to spill their secrets to senior members of congress []( Congress has also made claims prior to that using the term "non-human" back in February. []( Meanwhile, Canada and the U.S. have had a historic meeting and in April towards the end there was a secret meeting at Wright Patterson AFB involving numerous high ranking officials. This was after multiple UFOs/UAPs appeared over the U.S., China, and Russia, ironically all countries involved in tense geopolitics. Secret "historic" meeting at Wright Patterson, a base headed by General McCasland who is in WikiLeaks documents being talked about by Tom Delonge. []( Canada classified meeting: []( Russia: []( US: []( China: []( There was also a secret meeting (potentially several) in March where Robert Salas and many others testified to Congress, AARO and IG about UFOs/UAPs taking missiles out of the sky or disabling nuclear silos after the incidents in February. After learning this a Senator John Kennedy made a comment about locking your doors at night. []( []( Understand that UFO/UAP whistleblowers coming to Congress has been happening for many years. They don't have to disclose or have a public hearing every time a whistleblower comes forward. This hearing isn't just going to be about Grusch as Senator Marco Rubio said. They have been getting whistleblowers coming forward on this for quite some time. There is A LOT we aren't being told Grusch is just the spokesman who front ran everyone else. []( This "shadow government" within the military industrial complex (MIC) controls the UFO/UAP topic and has perpetrated numerous war crimes and false-flag operations including aiding 911 ordering that the hijackers be "allowed to enter the U.S.," which has now come out in court documents being completely ignored by MSM as much as the UFO/UAP issue is. Is this the same individuals? Not likely but the structures setup allow both criminal falseflags and the cover up and recovery of UAPs/UFOs. 911 court docs and the headline: Mainstream Media Doesn’t Care That the CIA May Have Helped Cause 9/11: []( **The word is there are several whisle-blowers plural about to come forward including a high ranking official presumed to be an Admiral in the Navy who will back Grusch and discuss UAP/UFOs. If this is really about to happen and true, were about to get the big D, Disclosure. It looks like a slow roll out approach was taken increasing the information starting in 2017, as not to give humanity an "information overload." It's very interesting that David Grusch's lawyer is also Luis Elizondo's lawyer. It's also very interesting looking into the individuals around Elizondo speaking about the UAP/UFO topic including - Hal Puthoff who is a co-founder of To The Stars Academy (TTSA.) The UFO/UAP topic delves into consciousness, energy, thought powered vehicles, telepathy, the Stargate project and by proxy the Gateway Experience, created by the Monroe Institute and Robert Monroe.** I will leave you with documents from Project Stargate involving Hal Puthoff and its sub-project 8200 ran by Lt. Frederick Holmes “Skip” Atwater who was responsible for "alien base" remote viewing by numerous individuals that all came to the same conclusions pin pointing the same bases. All these documents are on the CIA's website under the Stargate files. It literally says multiple remote viewers found alien bases on Earth and in the solar system. It's very important to highlight Hal Puthoff is a founding member of TTSA and is speaking heavily on the UAP/UFO topic. Hal is also named in a document discussing his involvement in SAPs here. The remote viewing program didn't only take the word of one remote viewer they tried to verify the veracity of the claims with multiple people trained under Project Grill Flame and Project Scante. The conclusion was they all identified the exact same geological locations and space locations having "alien bases," or, what they called "relays." Two Youtube videos on the project from It's Redacted: [\_k&ab\_channel=It%27s%5Bredacted%5D]( [\_N3iqPLMk4w&ab\_channel=It%27s%5Bredacted%5D]( ​ SAPs (Special Access Programs) mentioning Hal Puthoff: ​ Alien bases found by remote viewing: []( Link to MEGA files I released from alleged intelligence whistle-blower all browsable from your browser without downloading them. Have fun! []( Cheers comrades I hope this is truly happening and this isn't just another ill attempt to control the narrative around this topic like what they forced Allen J. Hynek to do and say with not one, but, three different fraudulent UFO investigations by the USAF - Project Grudge, Project Sign and the well known Project Bluebook. If Congress trust AARO I fear that's what will happen as the organization doesn't have the clearance to investigate and literally has the lowest intelligence clearance to interact with other agencies, title 10. Unless AARO is given a title 50 clearance, I personally fear this will all be swept under the rug again. Time will tell if they can put the UFO/UAP/alien genie back in the bottle. Either way enjoy the roller-coaster and grab a bag of popcorn because whether it's full disclosure or partial disclosure, it's about to be attempted. Allegedly this is supposedly the truth they want to hide from us, and more or less, I have been told the same thing, Jimmy Carter was. We the human race are an alien experiment in a petri dish and aliens created religion to keep us busy while they complete their documented experiments. If true then I doubt they will ever admit it. But it's worth noting this information would fit into what Project 8200 discovered through multiple Army remote viewers. Human abduction cases would also fit this narrative having implants put in abductees. Once again if this is true then world governments would have to keep secrecy to reverse engineer crafts to try to create weapons that could protect us from our "creators," and give us a fighting chance. ​ If this is indeed true it would make sense why they don't want to tell the people and murder people to keep this secret including the first Secretary of Defense and first undersecretary of the Navy, James Forrestal who was allegedly involved with MJ12. Which those documents provide a memo discussing how he "had to be taken out." We already have disclosure they are undeniably here and so many people have given their testimonies over the years including miliary officials, NASA astronauts and more, the only question that remains is, why are they here? Bye for now. \~AK. ​ ​

This week, the director of the U.S. government’s UFO analysis office stated that there is “evidence” of concerning unidentified flying object activity “in our backyard.” According to physicist Seán Kirkpatrick, who heads the congressionally-mandated All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office, this alarming UFO activity can be attributed to one of two extraordinary sources: either a foreign power or “aliens.” To be sure, the ramifications of either would be significant. But Kirkpatrick’s comments, which come as he is about to retire after a 27-year defense and intelligence-focused career, are more intriguing because he also says that “none” of the hundreds of military UFO reports analyzed by his office recently “have been positively attributed to foreign activities.” At the same time, Kirkpatrick and senior defense officials have ruled out the possibility that secret U.S. programs or experimental aircraft explain the phenomena.

cross-posted from: > Interesting article from The Spectator

I know, it’s that OTHER place, but this is a better read than even that 4chan post.
In short, dude posts detailed biological information on what he calls EBOs (aliens!), details why he's convinced they are artificially created, and dives real deep into the genetics and how the body works. Very interesting read. Tried to get an mirror, but it cuts the post off past the "read more" link. So, if someone else has a way to get that, lemme know! The OPs account is "suspended". Not sure if that's exactly the same as deleted or not, so take that as you will. Edit: Had GPT review it as someone with a PhD in biology, and it seemed to think that the claims could be possible, but obviously there isn't anything known that fits basically any of the claims made. So, more fuel for the fire I guess. Anyway, throw up some ad and tracking blockers and then discuss. Balls to the wall crazy-time up in here. Edit 2: Text was WAY too long to post here, so I did a pastebin of it.

This isn't the full interview as far as I understand it, but it's the best we have right now. Also, News Nation has removed the original video, so this may be worse quality. Pretty sus.

I haven't listened to it yet, but there's the description of the episode. > In his first interview since the Disclosure Project press conference, Michael Herrera speaks with Stephen Diener about his incredible story and whistleblower claims. This in depth interview covers a lot of ground, including who might be behind some things like alien abductions and cattle mutilations. And what kind of secret tech is being hidden from the world and why? There's some pretty nefarious stuff going on behind the scenes that we find out about here... > Special Message to all potential whistleblowers, if you would like to reach out to Michael directly for help on how to come out with your own experience in the proper fashion, you can email him at

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