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This community is for discussion surrounding UFOs and Extraterrestrials.


  1. Be your own moderator
    • Think before you post or comment, and use your common sense about what is acceptable. This is a community space and should ultimately be community-driven. Be the community you want to see here.
    • If you are here because you want to make fun of or grandstand over all of the silly people who believe that UFO/UAPs may exist, you are not welcome. Just block the community and go about your day.
  2. Be Civil
    • No trolling or being disruptive.
    • No insults or personal attacks.
    • No accusations that other users are shills/agents. If you have some kind of evidence of this, please report instead.
    • No hate speech or abusive speech based on race, religion, sex/gender, or sexual orientation.
    • No harassment, threats, or advocating violence.
    • No witch hunts or doxxing.
    • No summarily dismissive comments (e.g. “Swamp gas.”).
  3. Posts must be related to UFO/UAPs
  4. Avoid duplicate posts
  5. Link posts should contain the linked content and a submission statement
    • Submission statements should contain a summary of the content, why it is relevant to UFOs, and optionally personal perspectives.
    • For short-form content, such as tweets, include the entire text.
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