Hey everyone, I started this community because I didn’t find one that was related to spirituality in general. Hopefully more users will join in the next few days and we can create a positive and supportive environment to share spiritual experiences, beliefs, and questions. I figured we could start with a simple thread to introduce ourselves and talk a little about how spirituality plays a part in our life. Feel free to comment below and welcome!


Hey there.

I’m a 43 year old IT guy who has gotten deep into spirituality and related topics for about five years now. I dabble in Zen and Daoism, but think that all traditions are ultimately converging on a shared set of beliefs. I understand spirituality as therapeutic in a world of stress and trouble.

I also set up a Lemmy instance for all things related (-> occult.social). Feel free to have more deep dives there.

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A place for spiritual discussion of all kinds. All faiths and beliefs welcome.

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